5352 Avenue Du Parc
Montreal, QC H2V

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Apt 59:
got bites on ankles, and assumed it was from mosquitos from walking around at night, but kept getting clusters of bites in localized areas.
Searched bedroom and found dead bedbug.
Contacted landlords, who brought in PCO,
Had first spray last week. Was told to throw out mattress and boxspring.
Went out of town right after spraying,
last night was first night back, no bites so far.

hey! i am actually moving into this exact apt (#24) at 5352 avenue du parc in a few days. do you know if the place you were living in ended up being exterminated? are the bed bugs still there? please let me know as soon as possible. i am terrified of moving in now, and i have already signed the lease!!
thank you

I'm not sure how I got the bugs. Maybe they were already in some other apt (i'm in Apt 24). But in late may (2010) I started getting some bites. I looked for bedbugs, but only found a few spiders, so I thought/hoped that was all it was. Then, after my third round of bites, I did a more thorough search and found them!
The landlord is ordering a PCO to come in, and hopefully that will clear it up, but it sure is unpleasant right now.

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