4684 Rue De Grand-pré
Montreal, QC H2T

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Last year (2009) around October, my neighbors living at this address told me they had bed bugs. They are a family of three and it was mostly the wife who was getting bit, while the child was left alone, possibly because he was in another room and they caught the problem early on.

The landlord sent an exterminator twice to deal with the bedbugs, and I don't think the people were bit after that, but it's hard to say if the problem was solved because they moved away shortly after.

Luckily, I

never had them at my apartment.


At the same time, I had a flea problem and the landlord sent the same exterminator to my apartment than he had for the bedbugs. This guy was a complete idiot (his name is Denis Parent and the company is Absolu Extermination-NEVER hire them!) and basically didn't educate me or say anything about what I should do to get rid of them beyond telling me what to do to prepare for his visit. Well even after two visits he failed at getting rid of the fleas and as a result I stressed out the day of my move because there were still fleas in my apartment that were jumping around. When I told him the problem wasn't fixed, he told me that he had already come twice and that I was just going to have to wait 30 days for the eggs to hatch and fall into the chemicals, but he didn't use any chemicals that actually targeted or killed the eggs, so it was completely pointless; I could have waited a year and there would still have been fleas! I finally got rid of them myself by using a spray for the house sold by vets! I'm saying this because if he was as incompetent in dealing with the bedbugs which are a lot harder to get rid of, than he was in dealing with my flea problem, then I have no reason to believe he was successful in getting rid of the bedbugs.

The landlord took over the entire house in July and began renovations. But as far as I know, and I DO keep in touch with the neighbors, he has not done anything more to deal with the bedbug problem, or with the fleas for that matter, and even though he is renovating massively, because the problem may not have been over when the work began, there is no reason to think that the bedbugs didn't just hide deeper in the house. He is a real-estate developer and I have every reason to believe that he has the intention of selling the house as soon as the renovations are done, so beware!

I have recently learned (Mid-September 2010), that a lady across the street may also have a bedbug problem. So this stretch of De Grand Pré, between Gilford & Villeneuve, may be highly at risk for bedbugs right now (Sept. 2010).

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