118 Rue Bernard O
Montreal, QC H2T

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I live on the 3rd floor of this triplex. Bed bugs were first discovered by tenants of the 2nd floor apartment, in the winter of 2009-2010. They had an exterminator come and informed the landlord. They moved out in the spring of 2010. No new tenants moved in since the apartment had to be renovated.

We discovered bed bugs in B's bedroom in June 2010. We surmise that the bed bugs were living in the walls and came up to the 3rd floor since we are the only ones sleeping in the building now. We in

formed the landlord and split the cost of an exterminator with him. We cleaned thoroughly and did not find any evidence of bed bugs in our furniture or belongings. We also encased our mattresses and pillows in bed bug proof covers.

In August, 2010 I discovered bedbugs in my own bedroom, along with blood smears on my sheets, even on the underside of the mattress where it rests on the wooden frame. I have thrown out my bed and mattress bought a new metal-framed bed and mattress. It has wooden slats which I have wrapped in plastic. I have placed the legs in plastic cups filled with vaseline. So far I have not been bitten.

A major problem with this building is that the first floor is a second hand store that gets new stock in frequently. Even if we get rid of the bugs, they could bring in new ones at any time. Also the building is infested with mice. Although we keep the place clean, and don't see them often, I'm worried that even if the bed bugs are not feeding on us, they are staying alive by feeding on the mice.

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