513 Boul Rosemont
Montréal, QC H2S

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The entire building block is infested with bed bugs and the land lord has known about it for a long time but keeps putting new tenants in there.

His own exterminator told us the problem can never be solved due to the decrepit condition of this building (there are holes everywhere in the walls and floors where they hide when he sprays, then simply re-emerge).

Every two weeks you will see new mattresses thrown in the alley on garbage day. This goes for not only 513, but 511, 509, and at leas

t the next 5-6 buildings going up from 515 on.

The land lord is dishonest and has no serious plans to take the corrective measures really needed, just to keep shuffling new tenants in and out.

He threatened to sue me when I left, having discovered the extent of the problem and his lack of seriousness in combating it properly. (We'll see what happens).

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