7530 Rue Lajeunesse
Montreal, QC H2R

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The entire building is breeding with a cockroach and bedbug infestation that affects only a few apartments at a time. The seemingly nice landlord is full of crap when he says that he will get pest control and do repairs on floorboards etc. He does a quick job himself with a glue gun and sprays down the place with what might as well be flour because it doesn't do anything. While the cockroaches will go away for a period of time they come back every 3-4 weeks as

small babies and grow into 2 inch roommates. Bedbugs live in the floorboards as well, so it's not your fault if you see them you did not bring them with your furniture new or used, it's just a case of psycho landlord. He will also mock and threaten you if you mention ending a lease so just notify him and leave within the 10 days afterwards and get your abandonment papers filled out. ps leave when he's sleeping otherwise he will be watching for it.

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STAY AWAY FROM THERE !! The whole building is full of dirt!!

Moved in here on July 1st, 2010. I knew the place was old, and was prepared to deal with that...not prepared for the bugs though. Like others, for the first week I thought I was just getting an allergic reaction from something in the new place, but we soon discovered a whole bunch of bugs under our mattress, and promptly threw it out. We didn't even have internet at this point, so getting information was difficult. Once we did read up a bit, we started trying to clean out the place and protect o

ur new cozy blowup mattress. We've been able to go only about 3 or 4 days at a time without bites. We'll be informing the landlord now, but our hopes aren't too high, given the state of the place, and his slightly dodgy attitude when renting us the apartment. We definitely didn't have the bugs before, and the fact that we had problems from day 1 isn't a good sign. We'll see what happens with the lease and all, but wanted to just put out a friendly warning to anyone considering this place - STAY AWAY!

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