4096 Rue Du Parc-lafontaine
Montréal, QC H2L

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Hello to all 4 tenants of 4096 Parc Lafontaine that has made complaints about bedbug:
The issue I would like to remind you that both the tenant and landlord have to collaborate to solve the problem.
I have put the most known extermination company in Montreal "les Entreprises Maheu at 2591 Masson" to solve the problem. Every tenant has been notified to report whatever small problem that they could see and the extermination company has always came to check and spray.
In respect of all 4 person

that complain on this website I think the problem is resolves.
Your devoted owner;

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Moved out September 2015 after 6 months of a BAD infestation, at least 7 other tenants have left for the same reason. my apartment alone was sprayed 12 times with no change. I think the place is hopeless. DONT MOVE IN HERE.

April 25, 2015: i moved in in march 1, 2015 and am still fighting the bed bug infestation. I didn't see posts on the registry before moving in and so badly wish i had :( my unit alone has been sprayed 4 times, the whole building has been sprayed twice...still getting bites..

Bed Bug Alert!!! This apartment has been infested for at least 7 months. Of the 8 apartments in this building, I know that 4 of them are affected with bed bugs. The owner is constantly lying and blaming the tenants. He is not interested in solving the whole problem, but rather keeping it barely under control by only having the apartment floors fumigated or lying to tenants and saying there apartment was fumigated when the company providing the service has no record. Mario (the owner) is very ver

y cheap and doesn't like to spend money on the units. They are falling apart. Mold in the bathrooms, floors/ceilings falling through, mice.... Don't let the incredible location of this building lure you in, it isn't worth it :(

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One tenant in building 4096 located on avenue/rue du parc LaFontaine reported a substantial bedbug infestation. Their apartment was fumigated. One month later the Tenant in the apartment above theirs was infested and also fumigated. Now every single apartment surrounding the original apartment are showing signs of bedbug infestation. The landlord is blaming the tenants/denying that the problem has spread and demanding proof that there is signs of bedbug activity in these other apartments. To my

knowledge this has happened within the last 3 months. The apartment is OLD and impossible to completely seal out teeny tiny bugs.... at least when they fumigate the mice disappear for a little while...

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