1825 Rue Ste-rose
Montreal, QC H2K

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I lived in the building for almost 2 years. When I moved in, all my furniture was new (coming straight from the manufacturer). 3 months before my lease was ending, the management staff had a talk with me and say I should check for bed bugs in my unit, since a few people had filed complaints in that matter on the same floor as I was on. After a while, I started finding bed bugs.

The staff is very very rude, and most of the time uncooperative. Leaving was the best decision I have made in my lif

e. Sadly, I had to throw all my furniture out to the garbage and bought new stuff when I relocated.

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In 2006-2007, I rent an apartment there on the 8th floor. At first we had no problem with bed bugs but after 1 month I start noticing several bed being put in the garbage each week and I was wondering why. Soon after that, I speak with someone living near my appartement and he told me that the building was infested with bed bugs for many years. I start having skin problems and discover that I had bed bugs. The management of was very rude with me and was saying that it was my furniture that was i

nfested and not the building but all my furniture was new when I move there. I tried to move out and break the lease but it was almost impossible to do. They sued me. So be careful, the management is very rude and not cooperative at all. They have a new management and speak with a friend who stay there and he said it's even worse with the new management and bed bugs are still all over the next place even with the renovation they did in almost all the appartement and the building.

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J'aimerais savoir si vous avez encore des punaises dans l'édifice... l'administration a fait quelque chose par rapport aux punaises?

When I moved in this place was clean. Noticed a big change when management changed hands. Why didn't they post the info everywhere? We could have minimized the damage and taken care of this together. The new management is scum.

The whole building is infested does not matter if they treated locally or not as the bugs will travel and infiltrate through the walls.
an old man in the building just told me he had that and the management is blaming the people ! instead of them doing something about it they are just abusing all and letting people be victims of bites and scars. The building whould be treated entirely as the bugs can survive and are immune to all sorts of extermination. you need to clean the building and remove

the carpets ! most of not all apartments have carpetting which is a bed bug heaven !

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I am shocked! I am on the 2nd floor, and believe I have had bed bugs for the last 3 weeks. At first I just thought I was having allergies. Today I saw TWO, where there are two, there must be more. At first I was racking my brain as to where they came from. Until I came here I've never encountered one before. I couldn't be more infuriated, Obviously I now have to have my place treated. I am planning on having it heat treated. That way its a guarantee and only need to do it once. BUT that would

only hold true if they were brought in from the outside, but if those nasty bugs were tenants before me, its likely they will come and go as they please. Even when I give the order for mass execution of these non-paying, free loading, uninvited annoyances, I don't know of any way to stop their millions of cousins from attending the funeral. I can just imagine them all gathering for the reading of the will. I leave the mansion (sofa) to Libby, and her children and their children, and their children... Is my only option to move!

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I find it mean, irresponsible and DISHOHNEST from the management not telling me the truth ! I found out this building have a history of bed bugs few days ago and funny enough i was being bitten and having unexplained skin rashes ! if i had known this i would not have signed a lease. The management and that cunt there should have told me so....Landlords are getting away not disclosing the problems in their dwelling. THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL especially when they do not treat the buildings properly.

CHEAP ...I am leaving next year....

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I am there and it seems no one cares about the bed bugs. even people living there and they know it. Management does not seem to give a damb about solving the issue especially when I as a tenant had this problem brought on me ! WHY DO I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS SXXX; looks like some tenants love to live in such conditions especially when most poeple live on social welfare !! I am out of here and breaking my lease what a bummer !

Je suis surprise et heureuse de voir que je ne suis pas la seule. J'ai vécu là-bas et la gestion m'a fait sentir que j'ai apporté le problème. ils m'ont dit que ça vient de mes propres meubles. Je savais que quelque chose ne va pas. merci pour les conseils..... la direction a réagi avec moi de manière à ne pas en parler à personne! Maintenant, je sais comment y faire face. Merci !

I lived on the 8th Floor and honestly within three month of my check-in I realized i was being bitten by bed bugs. my furniture was NEW. my sofa, and Bed and clothing had to be cleaned !

I had no clue what bed bugs were ! At first I thought I was having a sort of dermatitis ! it turned out that the bed bugs were coming in from the electric sockets ! or the walls ! or corners !

The management did take action however I must admitt that after the second extermination , I decided to leave. The

re were still bugs coming out from the walls somehow ! by that time I had enough scars and bites on my skin ! (feet and arms) The living conditions and the worry of the bed bugs coming back was not an option. It seems the building have a history ! I had to break the lease on grounds of infestation of a dwelling. The management tried to intimidate me and threaten me a year after to pay 2 months remaining rent. Dishonest on their part ...bad management !

of course the major loss was my skin damage, my furniture and some clothing ! at least I know I am not the only one now !!!!!!

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La direction est consciente de la situation et ils sont silencieux ! Ils louent des espaces infectés à des gens qui ne sont pas conscients du problème .. les punaises de lit se déplacent dans le matelas des locataires causant des dommages sur la peau, ajoutant : a perte des meubles et des vêtements ... la gestion n'est pas honnête et essaye d'isoler chaque cas.

J'ai été victime de leurs fautes et ne recommande à personne de louer au 1825 ST ROSE à moins de four

nir une preuve que le bâtiment est professionnellement stérilisés des punaises de lit. La gestion joue sur le fait que les locataires sont qui infestaient la place!. en fait, le problème existe depuis longtemps (des annees) et ils ne font rien à ce sujet. ce qui est pire je suis d'accord avec le commentaire précédent. ils ont essayé de me forcer à rester dans cette condition en utilisant le contrat de location ... Je suis sorti pour des raisons d'infestation. si vous voulez perdre votre temps avec la Régie du logement aller y mais, s'ils sont poursuivis par plusieurs locataires, ils auraient à payer beaucoup de dommages!

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The Management is not advising the tenants of the problem; they pretend to treat each apartment seperate, only the apartments are not well insulated or seperated. The Bugs are travelling from the Third floor and upwards.

They treated the apartment twice and nothing happened. The bugs kept on coming not forgetting to mention that i had enough scars and tissue damage to my skin. I was completly ignorant on the subject of bed bugs.

The whole building is infested and the worst when i had to l

eave the apartment they wanted me to pay a whole year lease ! what a rip off !

The building looks clean on the outside but it is infested. I would not advise anyone to stay there. We had to throw our furniture !
Real star management is really dishonest !

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les appartements 314-414 et aux cotés en ont beaucoup, je le sais pcq j'y aie habité pendant qq années et j'en ai vu assez après mon matelas, la direction ne voulait pas que cela se sache.

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