6740 Avenue Papineau
Montreal, QC H2G

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our apartment is infested bed bugs. we didn't have an issue until they came around and sprayed for bed bugs. they did it in a half-assed kind of way. they've also never come back to spray again. i know from my dad who used to work in pest control that because of the gestation period there's supposed to be at least a second treatment.
my g.f. and i have been soaking everything in hot water and steaming things with the steam machine. haven't made much progress. for me to sleep in m

y bed i have to be fully clothed, with my pants tucked into my socks, Hood on, and socks on my hands with my sleeves tucked in. i call it bug armor.
the bugs are ruthless. clusters of bites appearing on a nightly basis.

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Ok. Les dernier post qui ont été envoyé viennent probablement des propriétaire. Le bloc est toujours insalubre. Un problème de punaises de lit, de coquerelles et de souris qui dure deluis 2011 ne se règle pas du jour au lendemain

6740 Papineau - Exterminator came last Wednesday, July 29, 2015. I have not seen any bedbugs since the treatment and neither have I been bitten. I am trying to figure out how to remove my 2 previous posts as the bedbug problem has been resolved.

yeah and thats why i'm thinkink at suicide every minute.....after the problem will be really done

The owner took care of it, exterminators came and the problem is gone, its a very nice quite building to live in.

After being devoured by Bedbugs I have developed something that prevents bedbugs from biting you! I was bitten repeatedly the night of May 21, 2015. On May 22nd I developed an idea to keep bedbugs away from me and my bed...I have not been bitten since! If you would like more information please call: 438-876-2463 before 5 PM each day.

I moved into this building in August 2014. A few weeks after I started to get bitten by something from time to time. In May 2015 my neighbor moved out and since a week after their move I am being devoured by bedbugs! I am allergic to their bite and get big swollen welts on my body. So far they have attacked my left arm and my neck...clusters of 3 bites in a line...I have 6 on my neck right now. I spoke to the person who comes to collect my rent when i had been bitten on my arm a week ago an

d he said maybe i was having an allergic reaction to something other than bedbugs and asked me wait another week and see if i was bitten again...easy for himto say he's not the one being bitten or the one who is scared to go to sleep at night now. Today (May 21, 2015) I went to Walmart and Home Depot and spent 115$ on products to try to keep them under control. If I had known about this before I would never have moved here!..I will be speaking to the management about it tomorrow and will follow up with a rsgistered letter giving them 5 days to deal with this problem or I will go to the City of Montreal!

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This building keep having bedbugs infestations on 2015. Some relatives moved in on July 2014. Soon after, the neighbors started having severe bites all over their bodies and on November 2014 my relatives have them. The concierge commented that it was happening in many apartments on the building along a cockroach infestation. Whenever they bring the exterminators the guys just spray some thing around the beds and that's it. No thorough cleaning or second visits. Bedbugs are very hard to kill and

they know it, they just seem to not care.

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About a month ago my girlfriend started something that we thought was "an allergy", plenty of bites all over her body. Today I found a bedbug falling down from my hair, I immediately called my landlord and what I got from him was a very impolite answer saying that he will send somebody on Thursday. I'm a bedbug phobic and I can sleep at my apparent anymore. What can I do before I get rid of all my belongs? Can I live me apparment because I'm phobic to this insects?

I moved in just this past October. I had never had a bedbug problem before. On the fifth day of living here I found a tiny tiny little bug in the bathroom sink. I thought right away that it was a bedbug, after having read a lot about the epidemic on the internet and seeing photos, but I just rinsed it down the drain without another thought.

Within the first month of living in this building I started noticing itchy bumps, first on my right arm, then my left wrist, then my foot, always appearin

g in clusters of three, then on my arms, a few spots on my belly-- just terrible. I've become almost afraid to go to bed at night.

After I had noticed the second cluster of bites, I remember walking up the stairs of the building to go home and seeing a Jewish couple speaking to the "concierge" and another tenant in french and hearing them speaking about "bebittes", specifically them saying something about how they doubted the tenant had seen bugs.

Again, I thought not much of it. Just this week my neighbors on both sides mentioned to my boyfriend that they have been bitten by bedbugs, that they were not paying their rent until the building calls in an exterminator. Apparently, the apartment right beneath my neighbor just moved out because of a bedbug problem.

Then three days ago, my boyfriend heard the neighbor to the left of my apartment mentioning to the concierge that she was being bit by bedbugs and the concierge replied that they would send in exterminators. The neighbor replied, "That is what you told us in July..."

It is now December.

The landlord came to knock on our door today for the rent... landlords I had never seen before, and it turns out it is the same Jewish couple I saw in the hallway speaking to the concierge about bebittes. I told them we were not paying our rent until an exterminator comes, and their response was to feign ignorance. He made a clearly pretend concerned look, and wrote down a note, told me they would send someone in. But I don't believe they had no knowledge of the problem. At least four other tenants have complained about problems, one who apparently has had the problem since July!

It leads me to believe that they are probably quite aware of the issue and simply do not want to pay for the extermination, collecting our rent each month and never dealing with the problem. We've only been here for two months now, but if the other tenants have had the problem since they moved in in July then it means that they are renting out the apartments with FULL KNOWLEDGE that there is a bedbug infestation without admitting to the tenants, and without dealing with the problem appropriately.

In any case, they will not be getting my rent until I see an exterminator come in. And if it has not happened by next month I am calling the Regie and moving.

Just be warned: 6740 Papineau has a bedbug problem! If I had known I never would have moved here.

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