1825 Rue Beaubien Est
Montreal City, QC H2G 1K8

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My apartment is one of 16 in a medium sized building. In May of 2015 my next door neighbour complained of bed bugs. As a precaution my unit had to be treated as well, although I hadn't seen any sign of them. I had to travel out of town for work but a friend of mine agreed to stay at my place and take care of my cats. About a month later my friend calls me in a panic, reporting that he had several bed bug bites and that the parasites had invaded my home. I was skeptical at first since I had never

had bed bugs before, but upon seeing photos of his bites I authorized a second treatment. Finally in July I returned home, expecting my apartment to be bug free. I was in for a nasty surprise; the bed bugs were back. So I complained to my landlord and he treated both mine and my neighbour's (the same one who reported the bugs back in May) apartments again and the treatment failed again. So I got rid of my couch, mattress, and anything else made of cloth/fabric that I couldn't wash (for example, my cat's scratching post). At this point I had a serious infestation on my hands and I would be woken up several times in a night. I witnessed all stages of bed bug, from very small nymph to adult, and I even managed to capture some in a jar to show to my landlord. He switched to a different company and this time treated the entire builing (by this point other units in the building had reported having the pests too). This was a few weeks ago, and the second treatment is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm praying it works this time. Washing and drying everything so many times in coin-op machines has drained me financially, and having this recurring infestation has drained me psychologically. 26/08/15

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