3865 Rue Bélanger
Montreal, QC H1X

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Living here for a couple of years - never had problems until we took a couch from the front of the building that a neighbor brought out. Apparently the guy had a bed bug infestation in our building and then we got them. Managed to kill them all over a span of numerous months. It was a time consuming process for us. Even though we told the landlord and super intendant - they just laughed and did nothing. We moved to a different apartment in the same building, there was no bed bugs and we did

not bring any with us. A few months later, the neighbor from the apartment directly above us came down to ask me for a screwdriver and asked me if I had any bed bugs. I said no. He then continued to tell me that he was moving out immediately because his apartment was crawling with bed bugs. He then asked me if I had any cockroaches, and I said no thinking that I didn't. After he moved out the cockroaches migrated into my apartment. This is still an ongoing problem. Needless to say we moved out of there as soon as the lease was over. It seems like a clean building, the super is a good guy and takes care of all the problems except for that. good luck.

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