3355 Rue Beaubien Est
Montreal City, QC H1X 1G4

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DO NOT RENT IN THIS BUILDING. When we moved in the bedbugs were already all over the building. When we found a can of bedbug insecticide left from the previous renters, we immediately asked the janitor if there was bedbugs and she said there wasnt, but its a lie! When we called the landlord to have the appartment treated he yelled at us, told we were the ones who brought them in and would hang up on us. When we fonally got him to treat the appartment, we would not follow up on the

situation, and by the time we got the second treatement we needed, bedbugs eggs hatched and we got more bites than ever. We got bites as soon as the second week, and all our neighbours confirmed the presence of BBs. The janitor and her son are stupid. His son has bites all over the body and spreaded the problem all over the building using these crappy insecticide they sell in stores. His mom wont aknowledge the seriousness of the problem and only told us later that the previous tenants didnt followed the pest controller recommendations (vacuuming,etc). They know theres bedbugs and theyll lie to you!

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