327 N 6th St
Reading, PA 19601-3007

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My family and I moved in to the building in November of 2009. Within a week of moving in, my husband started complaining of itching. At the time it only seemed to be affecting him and not me and the children. He showed me the bites on his arms and legs and he dealt with this for a week before he couldn't even get a decent nights sleep. From there we tried changing the bathing soap we were using and then changed the clothing detergent and even reduced the amount of Clorox we used. It did not

hing. He decided at that time to go to the doctor. The doctors office said he had SCABIES. I didnt believe that when he first told me, and only because I had scabies when I was younger and the bites didnt look similar. But not knowing what more to do, since the kids were being bitten now, we all went to the doctor and were treated for scabies. It wasnt until February of 2010,when we went out of town for a visit, did I notice that the WHOLE time we were gone, we didnt scratch once!!!! After returning home I started to investigate more using the clues I had so far: bite marks, excessive itching, especially at night and these odd bugs I started noticing even more,(you see before now both me and my husband had HEARD of bedbugs but had never personally come in contact with them. So we didnt even know what they looked like)and my results brought back bedbugs. I informed my landlord right away and they unfortunately didnt do much, other than fogging and spraying around the apartments. I insisted that they need to fumigate the whole building but they said it would be too expensive. The WHOLE building has them and looks like they have had them since 2008 but the owner as well as the landlord arent doing more than demanding their rent. We are leaving but will unfortunately have to replace all our furniture and bedding. Hope this is the last we see of them.

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