100 N Front St
Reading, PA 19601-2961

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230 south 13th st both second and first floor. I moved in has no problems. Then started seeing the ppl downstairs throwing out beds and sofas and I realized I might be dealing with a bed bug problem. It was to the point where I did not have them but I knew the ppl downstairs did, so I began to call the landlord to get the place exterminated. The exterminator thing did not work and the people downstairs were not really doing anything about it and so I got rid of almost everything and bought new t

hings just in case I had them..thank God I got out without any and I'm now safe and sleeping again.

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This address is an apartment building for seniors and the disabled. My mother had them VERY badly to the point where she had them all over her apt and ended up with skin infections from her scratching. What was the worst thing was how the building management handled it. They would talk tomyself or my brother about it and when my mother finially ended up in the hospital in part due to the infections she had they STILL were unco-operative and even attempted to place so type of blame on my mothe

r for having them. Also at the begining of July she had a "health & safety" inspection in her apt where they did not report seeing any. Yet, after my mother was in the hospital and we went to her apt to get things and FINIALY get paperwork signed for them to treat she had them so bad there were LITERALY hundreds possibly in the 1000s I saw in her bed and bedding, her upolstered furnature and even in her stack of newspapers and mail to be recycled. I never even knew they would infest paperwork like that. That was only 2 1/2 weeks after they had been in her apt for the inspection. The management was very aloof about the treatment. I'm not even sure they treated the ajoining units to hers as they say you should. It is/was a bedbug nightmare!

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