100 Cresson Blvd
Phoenixville, PA 19460-1173

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My co-worker and I booked a room with two double bed size at this hotel for the Philly Gift Show two weeks ago. We intended to stay here for 7 days. We noticed a odor in the room when we brought our suitcases to the room, but chose to ignore it. However, after the first night, I noticed there was a bite on my right upper arm. Since this hotel, had a good rating, I was in denial that it could be from a bed bug. The next day, I had more on my forehead but it was red so I couldn't see the holes in

that area yet so I thought it could be rash. However, on the third day a lot appeared on my neck, upper chest and a lot more on my right arm.

That night, we asked the front desk clerk if we can switch to a different room because I was getting bitten by bed bugs. The front desk clerk said that there have been many claims from other guests during that time we stayed that they have bed bugs too. I told him, I am not claiming and showed him my bites. He then confirmed that they were indeed bed bug bites but he said that unfortunately there was nothing he can do because all the rooms are completely booked. In return, I asked if we can just have a change of sheets, pillows and blanket which he was able to do.

After going up to our room I searched into it more and those new change of items we got won't help unless the mattress is replaced. We decided to go to a different hotel because we can't stay at a room that was clearly infested. Especially since the front desk clerk did confirm that other guests had this as well. At the new hotel, I got zero new bed bug bites and finally got to enjoy the rest of my trip.

I highly DO NOT recommend anyone to go this hotel. Many rooms were infested by bed bugs at this location.

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Stayed at hotel February 23 2010 and the next day had over 50 bites on my arm, neck and back. Horrible. Forget exact room number, it was on the 4th floor. Room appeared clean when I checked in but obviously wasn't.....very disturbing.

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