959 Penn Cir
King Of Prussia, PA 19406-1004

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In 6/2011, we were living an apartment in building C, 4th floor. We stated experiencing bed bug issue and had to pay Lafayette $300+ for all 3 treatments, along with hotel fees and medical expenses for the bed bug bites which total $2000+. Lafayette of course would not reimburse us for the inconviences. So as soon as we put our 60 day notice in prior to our lease ending in 2 months... They sent us a court notification and are charging us $4k when the all we owed was $1814 for 2 months.

I first moved in to the Lafayette in Building C on the 4th floor in December of 2010. The first 3-4 months were good. I started noticing that I've been itchy in the middle of the night and that I've had bumps on my arms. After a few nights, I turned on my lamp to find a few bugs on my bed. I didn't know what they were at first so I asked them to bring in the exterminator; the issue still persisted and my fiance recognized they were bed bugs. I brought it to the attention of the leasing offi

ce and they denied the existence of bed bugs and stated that we must've brought them in with us. They're trying to charge us with the treatment of the bed bugs but I was also told from another tenant that a friend of his has the same issue in Building B. If you're thinking about moving to the Lafayette...DON'T DO IT because of this issue alone!

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Bed bug bites began when I moved into 959 Penn Circle, apartment C404L in Dec. 2009. Apartment complex management (Lafayette at Valley Forge, owned by Westover Companies) denied their existence in the apartment for several months.

In June 2010 an exterminator came to treat for bed bugs in C404L and C404R.

However, as of writing this (July 31, 2010) there are still active bed bugs in the apartment - which the complex is once again denying.

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