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In late September of 2007 I moved in with my then best friend and I was excited about the new apartment. I lived in that very apartment for well over 3 years. I had my first child in August of 2009 with my then boyfriend who ended up moving in with me once my best friend moved out before the birth of our son. The apartment was spacious and gave us plenty of room for the 3 of us and most of all it was affordable. In March of 2009 my perfect home turned into an absolute hell hole. I began to notic

e other residence of my building throwing away very nice furniture. One evening when I was loading the dish washer in our home after putting my then 7 month old down for a nap I noticed a very peculiar brown tear shaped bug in the dishwasher. A little odd I admit, but being un educated about bed bugs I brushed it off as just a bug and turned on the dishwasher. Since it was alive I was hoping that the hot water would kill it. I would do this every single week, and I noticed that something in the corner of my eye ran across his mattress. Startled I tried to catch a glimpse of what it was but it had disappeared. I though it was probably a spider and finished making my sons bed. Keep in mind that my boyfriend at this time had been living with me for almost a year. Shortly there after I began to notice that I would wake up with red welts on my arms. The welts started out as only one or two but progressed more and more as time went on. The welts would be highly prominent in the morning and they would go away by mid afternoon. My boyfriend and my baby for some reason seemed completely un affected. I also noticed little white grains of what I thought was very small rice in the drawers of my night stand next to my side of the bed. I began to worry about what was going on and I started to do some research. Terrified that I may be experiencing the dreaded bed bug I had to just deal with the embarrassing welts until I could actually find something. I tore the whole apartment apart and I couldn't find anything. As this was going on I saw the exterminator coming in and out of the apartment below my own. I also noticed that they began throwing away their furniture as well. It was around this time that I began to notice a sickly-sweet smell in my bedroom. One night after a long day of work and placing my infant son to sleep, I laid in my bed finally able to rest. It was at this time that I felt it crawling up my leg. Startled I jumped out of bed and there it was. A huge brown bed bug, I startled my boyfriend who jumped out of bed too and crushed it. We also noticed another one on my boyfriend's side and he smashed that one too. Low and behold we told the landlord and we were exterminated immediately. In order to be exterminated we had to clean the whole house from top to bottom, we had to wash EVERYTHING, we had to check our books and place everything in a sealed plastic bin and/or bag. We lived like this for almost a year in total. Keep in mind, we could never find a nest, and there was really no physical sign of bed bugs. I believe that they were living in the walls of the building. Shortly after being exterminated we were "cleared" of having bed bugs. Now it was during this time that my the welts continued. About 6 months later in mid 2010, they were back. My baby woke up in the middle of the night crying historically, I ran to his side to comfort him. I noticed that he was scratching at his arms and to my horror I saw it. A bed bug running across his little blanket. I didn't have time to smash it but I grabbed my child and moved him into another room in his pack and play. I stayed in my room hoping that the bugs would only attack me and not him. We had gotten exterminated again and I had to re wash everything all over again. After the exterminator said we were "clear" I had my doubts. One night it was about 1:30am, I could not sleep. It was summer and my son's air conditioner was running. I went in to check on him to make sure that I didn't see any bed bugs. He was sleeping peacefully. I walked over to his window and looked outside. Upon making sure that his air conditioner was in tact and that everything was sealed I turned towards the light switch on the wall to my right. To my horror there was another one. This one was a younger one, but you can never mistake the body structure, or nightly habits. Horrified I grabbed it and flushed it down the toilet. It was then that I decided that I couldn't live like this any more. With no sleep, constant vacuuming, constant shampooing the carpets, constantly cleaning, living in plastic bags, throwing endless things away. I realized that these things will always travel through the walls and that there would be nothing that I could do about it. I packed up my child and left ALL of my furniture behind. I have now been bed bug free for over a year. I did not move into another apartment, I moved into a duplex. The moral of my story is, this building has a major infestation, they lived in the walls for the most part and reeked havoc on the whole building not just me. NOBODY should move in there, but I see people moving in and out all of the time. I lost thousands of dollars, I do not want this to happen to anyone else.

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