1521 Willow St
Norristown, PA 19401-3337

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A few years ago in 07 I moved from NYC to PA where I learned that bed bugs were not a myth. At first we started getting random bites that we thought where mosquitos trying to survive the fall into the winter. We began noticing blood spots on my then 6 month old babies sheets. My husband instinctually lifted the mattress where he found an entire village of about no less than 500 bugs and eggs. It was horrific!!!!! We began examining all the beds of my other two children and our own. What we

found was appauling. They were in the closets to he point where we had to thoroughly examine every single article of clothing we were putting on, especially the children. We got rid of most of the furniture and washed everything out before loading it into the truck. Did that work??? No.. About a month after we moved they resurfaced AGAIN!!! The bottom line. WE are still being bit more than 3 years later and I am disgusted that we cannot get rid of this. We are extremely clean and are up everynight with a lighter burning EVERTHING!!!! Its not only a physical invconvinience but a mental one as well. My son wakes up in the middle of the night freaking out thinking there is something on him. We have relocated the children into our room where it appears to be "safe". No bites at all... as for the couch. Its a hotel for bed bugs. I right now have about 40 bites on my arms.. that doesn't include other body parts.. I don't know if we can escape this. The next step. We are leaving EVERYTHING behind. Limiting ourselves to just pictures and toys... clothes will be dried for an hour before loaded and not all clothes will come we will take the laptop, TV and radio... my only fear is not that we will transport them because it will be 99% impossible with the caution we intend on using.. we are leaving everything. burning whats left... but how do we know that there wont be a preexisting problem wherever we go. this is germ warfare!!!!! its no surprise that this is everywhere!! Whats really goin on??

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