1939 S 58th St
Philadelphia, PA 19143-5513

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A student had bites on their body last week. That student was sent to the nurse's office. The nurse sent the student back to class because she said she didn't know what bed bugs looked like. The following week, bed bugs were found in the same class and a student brought one squished in tissue to the maintenance man. He immediately knew what it was, but decided to take it to pest control and they confirmed it to in fact be bed bug. He then went into the same classroom, discovered them in book

s, one particular student's book bag and under the radiators.The school sent letters to parents and closed that particular building (grades 3-5) only for Thursday and Friday. The school is a K-8th school though. I assume that building will be exterminated but the students go in other building as well. Also, if that particular student is allowed back, they will continue to bring back bed bugs.

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