424 S 48th St, Apt A8
Philadelphia, PA 19143-1708

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I moved into an old complex in Philly in early July. I bought no used furniture, and only brought furniture I've already had.

In October I started getting bites, not many, just one or two every couple days. Sometimes I would go a week at a time with no bites. I often had my windows open so I didn't think anything of it. One day I found a little bug under my mattress when I was changing my sheets. I never knew anyone with bed bugs and didn't even make the connection; I just threw him out (look

ing at pics of bed bugs now, it could definitely have been one).

In November I started getting some more bites which I thought was odd. In late November I went to the doctor because one of the bites looked infected. I ended up getting cellulitis from one of the bites, but the doctor wasn't sure what the bites were. I left for a week for Thanksgiving.

My first night back in my apartment, I woke up the next day with 13 bites. This is when I decided it must be bed bugs. I had 8 bites all in a cluster on my arm. I searched EVERYWHERE. I took apartment my entire bed, looked in the crevices of the wood, in/on/under/behind all my furniture and couldn't find anything. Looking back, I may have had fecal stains a few times but I thought it might be mascara or something like that (because I hadn't expected bed bugs).

I informed my landlord a week ago and he is about to send out another maintenance guy to spray for the third time now. It's just one of the maintenance men spraying with bedlam and it's not doing anything. This complex is disgusting. I've had mice and tons of cockroaches which I've tried to handle myself, but I can't deal with the bed bugs.

I moved my bed away from the walls (because I'm pretty sure they're coming from the floor, walls, etc. and I put sticky pads under the legs of my bed. I woke up this morning to find the cast shell of a bed bug on one of the sticky pads.


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For past 5-6 months, they have been investing me.
I constantly wash, dry my clothes; thrown things out; constantly buy 2-3 cans of bedbug spray.
Telling landlord about it now. I am a person with no pets(except fish); a disability also. R sided stroke.

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