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For about 2 weeks I was waking up in my apartment every morning with swollen dime-sized itchy red bites, usually at least 3 but up to 10 new bites per night. At first I blamed mosquitoes, but when I realized I hadn't seen a single mosquito in the apartment in that time my mind went to bed bugs and I began to search the mattress and bed frame daily. I kept turning up no evidence anywhere around the bed and was starting to go crazy as the bites got more numerous and severe every day.
Then, last

night (Thursday 6/23/11) while watching TV on the couch I noticed a few tiny whitish insects in the seam of the cushion cover. I flipped the cushion over, grabbed tweezers and a flashlight, and managed to locate a live, fully engorged, adult bed bug. I woke up this morning with 20 new bites, and some have begun to blister. Exterminators have been called. Here's hoping I caught this early enough to nip it in the bud.

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