1801 N 10th St
Philadelphia, PA 19122-1901

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1801 North 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA

We first noticed signs of bed bugs beginning back late october/early november 2007. It was not until mid-december that they decided to finally begin treating our apartment. In addition, it was during the same week of our winter finals. I had been sleeping on an air mattress for about a week. To my knowledge, they did one and a half treatment until we got back at the end of january. At that time, the remaining bugs had n

ot feed in over a month; therefore, when I slept in my bed the first night back, I woke up with 17 bites! Again, we went to the landlord and they did an additional two treatments. Well its now time for spring finals and what do I find crawling on my bed friday night...ANOTHER...BED BUG! They will begin to treat our apartment monday morning and hopefully they will be gone for good!

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