4429 Baltimore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4414

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I live in the apartment building next door. Last night I saw a huge pile of trash between the buildings and went to investigate. It looked as if someone had thrown all of their belongings out
of a window, a futon included. As I was checking out the stuff, the girl from the apartment came out and I asked her what happened. She said they
did indeed throw the stuff out of the window but
don't go through it because they had bed bugs! So
all of this infested stuff was tossed in the air right

past my son's open bedroom window and my open kitchen window. She said she was going to clean it up but hardly any of it is bagged properly. I do recall seeing an exterminator leaving the property one day last week, so I guess that is a good thing. But having all of this infested garbage right outside of my apartment is making me very nervous. Not sure what I should do!

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