3245 Beechwood Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-3105

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I lived in Beechwood Gardens for 3 years. In April 2011, I noticed mysterious bites and started doing research on what they could be. Everything pointed to bed bugs and one day, I finally caught one. After mustering up enough courage to report it to Zytnick (terrible customer service!), they told me it's my problem and to get some pesticide from Home Depot. Instead, I called an exterminator and got a free inspection. They found the bed bugs and immediately asked to talk to my landlord because th

e problem could be throughout the whole building. The landlord refused their service, accused me of bringing the bugs in, and said I had to pay 100% of the extermination fees. By this time, it was July and I was exasperated by the whole thing, so I paid for the extermination and moved out as soon as I could! Now, I'm bug free! I tried to report Zytnick to the Health Dept, but got no response. Maybe if more people complain, they'll do a full inspection and actually take care of the problem.

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Bed bugs all over the complex.
People constantly throw away furniture - sofas, beds, mattresses etc
Landlord is unsupportive and blames tenants

we have bed bugs right now! still didn't see them but itching all over our bodies!!!

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