6350 Forward Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-2503

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This apartment building has to be crawling with bed bugs still. A friend of mine rented an apt in this building and eventually realized that she had bedbugs several months into her lease. She told her landlord and they gave her a lot of trouble about helping her out. She had three exterminations with the steam like you are supposed to. And she could still find them. The whole place has to be infested because people on the first floor had them and she was nowhere close to their apt. Watch out for

this building!!! DO NOT rent here. It will be a nightmare. Not only that. They threatened to take her to civil court for not paying her rent. after she had discovered the infestation and they opted out of paying for treatments she decided not to pay rent. Eventually she left breaking her lease. Her roommate stayed... Gross! Do not live here. U will regret it. 2010

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