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We found bed bugs in our 2nd floor apt about 8 months after moving in. They had infested our bedroom and our living room, and unfortunately we lost all our furniture in the battle. After figuring out what had been mysteriously biting us for two months, I tried to learn everything I could about bedbugs. We isolated every stuffed animal, knickknack, and piece of clothing, and began washing everything I could on the hottest washer/dryer sessions. I gave our landlord a call and informed him in writi

ng of the infestation, and as per his history of ignoring his tenants' complaints, he took some time getting back to me. When we finally did meet face to face, he flat out blamed me for "causing bedbugs because (I'm) uncleanly" - two points that couldn't be farther from the truth- and then originally refused to spend money to exterminate. After he received info on allegheny county health dept. Policy which places owners in charge of pest eradication, he changed his mind. We had 3 exterminator visits, and saw a few bed bugs after each time. A week after the last session, we had permission from the exterminators to move new furniture in. Two nights later we found three bugs crawling on the new couch. I just want this to end! The exterminator felt very strongly that they had been living in the baseboards and walls before we moved in, and that we had not brought them in due to the level of infestation, but of course now I'm paranoid every time I feel my skin crawl. I guess only time will tell how effective the eradication was.

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