2 Bayard Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-1949

Found 2 reports:

Actually in 4 Bayard rd

Had an infestation of bed bugs. LOTS of bed bugs. Got bit all over my face, but never could find the nest. Strongly suspect it's in the building as an elderly lady who sits outside all day in the summer claims the exterminator comes once a month for this building. Also had mice and cockroaches.


Some folks in our building had an infestation of bed bugs... the whole family, including their 6 month old baby girl, got bit quite a bit.

Landlords moved very fast on the problem and had PCO in the next day. PCO is now doing inspection and preventative application of chemicals for the whole building starting Tuesday (tomorrow).

WE heard that the infestation started because some idiot bought a used matress that was infested and then, later, put it out and in the hallway and the bugs sprea

d to adjoining apartments.

They then found the family I mentioned above and that is when I found out about it.

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