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I am currently a student at Humber and today I personally seen bedbugs on a padded bench in the J wing second floor , I have done plenty of research on bed bugs previous to this situation and I am 100% positive that is what I saw then bench was removed but if bed bugs become visible that means there is a higher chance of infestation, I'm disgusted

Lived in rez 2010-2011, S building. They had professional sniffing dogs come in and sniff for bedbugs and didn't find any. Then we got to play with the dogs. It was a good day.
Never had a problem, never heard of a problem.

Please repeat your questions at www.bedbugger.com. It's a forum where you can get advise on bedbugs

Im currently a student at humber and ive notice 2 different occasion that i ended up with bites. I had a test in the lecture room E135 a few weeks ago and my leg was itchy and once i got to the bathroom i had 13 big bites all over my leg. Another time was yesturday i was in the Guelph-humber building on the second floor, where you can study and i had bites on my arm from just sitting there for 45 minutes. i dont know where or who to report this to, sicne the school has ALOT of carpet and fabric

everywhere on campus.

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