69 Lexington Ave
Toronto, ON M9V

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I document this occurence as having happened September 2010-November 2010

The bedbug infestation started in Unit 39, in the basement. A previous tenant had brought them in on a secondhand mattress, and they quickly spread upstairs as the mattress was moved around. Upon my arrival into this lovely townhouse, the first few weeks were great until my room mate downstairs started noticing mosquito-like bites all over her body. After further inspection we quickly determined the cause to be bedbugs

ad sure enough, her entire mattress was full of them. As the original tainted mattress was located in my room before my arrival, I too contracted bedbugs and went through many sleepless and stressful nights trying to convince our landlord of the situation, and to have the place fumigated. Our infestation was severe and we begged our landlord to have the place fumigated a second time, but to no avail. We all lived out of garbage bags and plastic bins for weeks. My room mate and I suffered emotional and mental trauma and to this day I have my entire new bed wrapped in plastic. We all ended up moving out and throwing out our mattresses. We spent small fortunes at the laundromat and couldn't see our families for weeks. This was the worst experience I have ever had to deal with and I do not wish it upon anyone. I know that the landlord will not have fumigated the place again, and so I am unsure of whether the bugs have completely left or not. I just want to warn any future tenants of this incident, so they don't end up like me.

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