2777 Kipling Ave
Toronto, ON M9V

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FEDUP TENANT 18/06/2015

we need the under ground doors fixed the doors are never lock and it is free access to the outside public to enter. When I move here five years age I was told that the door would be fixed to date we are still waiting. They are asking us to get rid of things and not looking into the major maintenance of the building. Even the security guard are no longer available. I think tenants should be refunded money last year we paid a 3% increase. I am sick of this building

and the up keep of it everywhere is falling apart.

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This building is infested with roaches, rats and bedbugs. I have taking my daughter to the hospital because she kept scratching and had spots and hives on her body, the doctor asked me to take a look at the mattress when I get home. On getting home. I turned the mattress over and there were like 3 or 5 colonies of bedbugs. I threw the mattress and box out. The super booked me for fumigation on a very long list. This building is not a place to live.

Office Manager advised me recently that she has to treat at least 20 apartments every month. I asked how many apartments were infested and she replied, about half the building. The building has over 300 apartments.

Anyone considering moving into this building, be aware. The Landlord does as little as possible with respect to bug treatment and common elements cleaning.

Concrete is crumbling off the facade and nothing is being done about it. The building has had its name in the news too


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