320 Dixon Rd
Toronto, ON M9R

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I lives @ 320 Dixon road and I have bed bugs. I first noticed them in September 2012, I belived that the whole building is infected and there's absolutely nothing being done about it. I have very young kids who cannot fend for themselves when it comes to these creatures. They have infested the entire 3 bedroom appartment and the landlord gave me 1 can of bedbug spray to spray the enitre 3 bedroom apartment. We have to sleep with the lights on and that is not really helping except to see them

a dn to kill them. All the shreet on our bed are white and the 2 young kids 5 and 3 sleeps with me. It has made our life to difficult, I can't remember when was the last time I had a good night sleep, I'm constantly getting up and checking the bed and the kids.

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WE had bed bugs in the aptartment and neighbors said they had the same thing happening so clearly it was and prollyis spreading. I called the main office for the 3 complex unit, and they told me "ITS MY PROBLEM" after I had mentioned it's occurin with my neighbors as well. So you mean to tell me that something that is clearly spreading is MY PROBLEM is it my problem that my neighbors are facin the same situation?! So I called TORONTO PUBLIC HEALTH LINE for bed bugs, and placed a complaint. They

came to the building within 24 hours and what do you know soon as they are present the main office is calling me to set up an appt to have the apt sprayed. So I guess when higher power comes to play it's no longer the tenants problem. I definitely do not recommend moving here, this is once of the MANY incidents I have to deal with when it comes to things being taken care of. Call Pest Control they'll tell you how familiar they are with this place! DISGUSTING!

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