2085 Islington Ave
Toronto, ON M9P

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They try and entice you by saying it is a luxury building with a pool and "security". What a joke. The pool is kept in disgusting condition. It is freezing cold and never nice to use. The security does a half ass job at best. Not to mention how some tenants have keys to the pool and gym and others don't The superintendent always smells like booze and the management is a complete waste of time. We tried complaining about the cockroach problem which they refuse to believe they h

ave. We have seen the roaches everywhere in our unit and in public areas in the building including the laundry room. They have entered our unit without permission or written 24 hour notice. DISGUSTING DISGUSTING DISGUSTING.

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Second day moved into 2085 islington, noticed roach infection n kitchen at first, then everywhere else! Not happy at all as it is Winter for one, and moving is no joke! Management are fucking liars who claim have never had this issue! Wicked folks! And I'm paying 1230 a month! I'll be out of here by mid 2013! What a fucking nightmare

A hoarder is living on apt103 and it is extremely dirty inside with major cockroach investation. I went there on a service call and the women said she has cleaned up the place because I was coming and I told her Ya right very clean, I refused to do anywork and left and told her to clean up and make another appointment. I reported it to the management office and they all laughed telling me she is living there for the last 25 years. I feel sorry for anybody living in the first floor because it w

as really bad.

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I have moved to this Building recently! and I got some bites at night, I was not sure what is that? I thought it might be mosquito or something else! things is getting worse now, the land lord came and did spray and they didn't tell me its for bedbugs , they said its for insects and apparently the whole floor is infected! It's really painful to be in this situation now and not sure when I will wake up from this nightmare! I totally discourage this building to anyone! very dirty

We live on 19 floor at 2085 Islington Avenue, Toronto. We have been experiencing huge bed bugs biting on our bodies since we moved this apartment building. It is noted that the management has never put any significant effort in this respect. They do rarely and a limited bed bags treatment if there is any report. However, it is noticed that the treatment is just showing people but not actual treatment. It needs gas and hot stream treatment in whole floor once reported. It is a huge health hazard

and we are going to demonstrate this issue soon unless teh management is not taken care of it.

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14 floor(actually unlucky 13) is also infested. I just moved in with new baby. I asked management several times before I moved in they said no bed bug. BIG LIAR!!
Today they have treated more than 30 units --magical pest control ..Chemical treatment. They don't want to do the heat treatment.Because it's too expensive. Very bad.


There was an INFESTATION of bed bugs in one apartment on 11th floor (with multiple questionable tenants coming in and going out, with mattresses on the floor) - bed bugs spread into the apartment next door as well. There has also been a report of bed bugs on the 1st floor.

There is probably a lot more, but the management office in NOT TELLING tenants the truth and refusing to answer when asked if there are bed bugs in the building

. This is a health hazzard and any new tenants should be made aware.

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While in the management office, they were organizing an apartment to be sprayed for bed bugs on the first floor.

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