105 La Rose Ave
Toronto, ON M9P

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It is unfortunate that some disgruntled tenants or possibly former employees choose to use this website to discredit a building. This building is extremely well managed and cared for with no pest control issues. As with any building there was an incident 3 years ago which was dealt with swiftly and with 100 percent success at great cost to the company. There is a waiting list at this time as many people consider this property as a desirable place to live.

I use to live and work in this building back in 1999 to 2002 and that time building was very clean , spotless and quiet. Building was always full house and with waiting list for rent.
We never had issues even with roaches and majority of people even didn't know what is bed bugs. Times changed with people. Good luck to tenants and landlord.

Once it was very good place to live. Now is terrible. Swimming pool is closed for over 5 years, but rent is like for very luxurious building. I am not surprised about bed bugs here. They rent apartments to everyone who comes in. As result, many good tenants are moving out. Many new tenants are moving out after one year when they will see how bad this place is. Do not go there !!!!

Lived in this building for about 6 years now, and despite hearing many of my fellow tenants mentioning bed bugs, have not had a single problem until about 3 weeks ago. I woke up with 4 closely placed bites that were red, swelled up, and extremely itchy. Immediately I began scouring the web and found that these were akin to bed bug bites. Over the course of a week I had about another 20 bites, and found a bed bug hiding in the lining of my mattress.

Building is severly infested, and supers cl

aim to have treated the problem but no action has been taken. Stay away at all costs, I will be moving soon.

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