29 S Station St
Toronto, ON M9N

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had bedbugs when we moved in. sealed all visible cracks and crevices with silicone and theprayed to God for them to go away. they were gone for about a year and a half now they have come back. doing our best to manage without spraying as the chemichle used is a known carcinogen. and bedbug bite are easier to weather than a bout of cancer.

sidenote this apt building is horrible if you are thinking to move here be warned that the maintenence is total crap and they are too cheap to fix anything.

people piss in the elevators almost daily, thugs hang in the lobby at night smoking drugs, they raise the rent yearly..

if this sounds like your cup of tea go for it.

see full report...

well i moved in May of this year and we had a flea problem soon as we moved in...we got rid of them and a few months later I notice my kids getting blotches on their skin well i did inspect their bed and seen some evidence i reported it to the super and i have someone comingtomoorrow to tend to the problem.....

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