2292 Weston Rd
Toronto, ON M9N

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I moved in to this building on June 1st, I was scared to move in after I read the comments. but this is a place where i can afford. so far what I hear from tenants the new management is taking care of the property, yes i have seen cockroaches in my friend unit in the same building. but the building is ok... the super hmmmmmmmm she is not the greatest but she is trying....

They only clean on the day building manager comes . Dirty building with bed bug infestation. bad in here. Someone should check up on this place

Transglobe is a big company and belive me they dont care! BEDBUGS are all over here and nothing is getting done. Im moving out.

Warning! bed bugs coming through walls and roaches and it's never been sprayed! Dirty building high rent and they don't care just wants your money. Smells like a old dungeon carpets in hallways are over 30 years old still have not been changed or sprayed for bed bugs. Maybe they like it cause of the dirty conditions or they like getting high on the fumes of all the drug addicts or drug dealers! Been here 15 years these last two building caregivers should be working at a graveyard! Since them thi

s building has gone downhill! Paul & Monique were clean and cared! Stay away it is a bug & drug haven.

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This place has become a dirty bug infested place. Bedbugs and a whole lot more. They can't keep. Manager longer than a month and the super tries but she smokes so much of that funny stuff it might take her a month to get back to you! This building use to be a nice place but now it's like living in Regent park! Alot of bed bugs Beware!!!!

Loaded with bugs and cockroaches and the landlord does nothing to solve the problem, you can hardly ever reach them and they don't return our telephone calls!!! We're out of this place and will never rent from them again!!!

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