2405 Finch Ave W
Toronto, ON M9M

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We signed a lease and was going to move in. We were doing our inspection and found bed bugs coming out from between the creases of the wall and floor. This is for the bachelor on the 1st floor. It seems like a serious infestation because it was coming out in bright daylight!!

Can the poster above please provide some more details? What floor do you live on?

I've been living in this building for 4 years. I realized that I had bed bug issue within the last month after 2-3 months of constant scratching and itching on arms and legs. Thought I had an alergic reaction only to find out that it's bed bugs. My son's face, neck, arms are all marked with bruises and I'm afraid of the long term effect it will have on him.
My building mgmt will be working in our aparmtment on Tuesday, hope it really solves the matter.

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