340 Mill Rd
Toronto, ON M9C

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I moved out 2015. It is infested with cockroaches, mice, and bedbugs. Mice living in the walls and you can hear them. A/C filler is open and connected to floor above/below - so you can smell smoke/weed frequently.

I would not recommend this apartment. Look elsewhere.

I live in this building and have to say the bed bugs issue still exists. I had bed bugs last summer pretty much throughout the whole second half of 2014, until the pest control came and did the spraying of the furniture and apartment.
Since then I haven't seen new bed bugs infestation in my apartment (so far) but I see pest control van in the parking lot at least once a week, most likely for other residents and apartments.
Try to avoid this building if possible, yes the rent is affordable and

you're getting relatively large space for what you pay (compared to most GTA rentals in good areas), but no one can replace your lost nerves and wasted time for washing all the wardrobe and bedding you have ($ too as you have to throw away all infested mattresses and furniture if you really want to effectively get rid of them).

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there are cockroaches every where and they are not doing a thing about it, they sprayed my apartment once and the things are coming back with a vengence. we dont know what to do about this, i will be going in front of the tribunal to report this if this is not handled immidiately

I request all the people who have had a problem at this location or still do to please do not dispose off your 'infected' furniture at the garbage dump, this only results in somebody who needs the stuff taking it back to their apartment and spreading it through the building.

Please be sensitive to others and if you do need to get rid of your furniture, slash it or damage it so nobody else could carry it back into the building.

The staff try their best to take care of this building, for lon

g timers like myself its the best place to be and we do not want to move due to an infestation in the building which would occur once several apartments have this problem.

Thank yoU

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When I told the landlord I had a problem they gave me preparation sheets from the pest control company, they were really helpful with how to prep and what to expect. Because we knew what to do and what was going to happen we only had to be treated twice which is what the City of Toronto Health Department recommends. I have no doubt that they would have treated as many times as necessary anyway. I found the staff to be really quick with getting it taken care of

for the big infestations. a friend of mine who had it. Had them spray his apartment every 3-4 days for 3 weeks. now there all gone and has had them gone for about 4 months now. the building will only pay for 2 sprays, the rest is up to you

This is not a report but a request to the ealier report author to kindly confiirm if the problem still exists

I live at 340 Mill Rd. In October I had a large infestation of bed bugs. I reported it to my supers. and my apartment was sprayed. Since then I have seen more bugs and have had another 2 treatments. I doesnt seem they are going away.

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