240 Markland Dr
Toronto, ON M9C

Found 5 reports:

Bedbugs found in more units. Pest control back in November. Landlord not telling anyone about the problem. New tenants in for surprise when they move in.

There is bed bug in building. I new in here just
found out. Terrible. Owner not doing to much.
Health inspector had to come to building because
owner not doing what should.

Still bed bug here. Here in building in
October 2011.

Oct.11, 2011, bed bugs in an apartment on third floor.Despite previous submission problem is ongoing.Building still infested.

Both apartments have been cleared of bed bugs by the Owners usingb the most advanced and costly treatment available. As far as we know there are no more bed bugs.

Bed bugs infesting several apartments since April.Owners too cheap to pay for treatments.Apartment dirty.Bugs spreading through units.

No nearby bug reports