15 Eva Rd
Toronto, ON M9C

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Been Here 10 years was good until MetCap took over just over 2 years ago they have let this place go to HELL. They make it look good on the outside but we have rats, mice cockroaches and bedbugs. We are talking whole floors that are infested but they cover it up and threaten you and will not work with anyone to fix this problem. A tenants association was started but MetCrap does everything in its power to keep it down and from helping anyone. Who can stop the SLUM LORDS !!!!!

Been here 2 years, and its been 2 years of hell. They have changed landlords 3-4 times since, each person knowing less then the last. Asked for a repair last year...have asked twice since... but they're still waiting on'someone' to take care of it. Repairs to the building are non-stop, but no one one is taking the insect and rodent problem seriously. We have literally watched the bed bugs crawl through the hallway doorjam time after time, but it's 'our fault' as we must be doing something wrong

that they keep coming back. Little tip Metcap, stop worrying about the aesthetics and how to get more profit by raising your rent, and start listening and correcting the problems of your tennants... Or you'll have no one to hike prices up on anyway

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