52 Mabelle Ave
Toronto, ON M9A

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July 2013.

I had bedbugs in my apartment only noticing while I was vacuuming my mattress. I told management about it and they told me what goes on in my apartment does not concern them. I spoke to a second person and they said they would let me know when pest control is around to spray my apartment. I asked how much time would they give me to prepare and they told me when they are spraying someone else's apartment ( because pest control only is called only if there are more than one cases) th

ey will do mine in the same day, they will open the door for them and they will do there job. I told her I have a dog and he couldn't be there for when that was happening and she told me it was to bad then.

My toilet broke once. It took two weeks for them to fix it. I had to use a neighbors bathroom and shower for two weeks. I can go on forever, I did not like this building what so ever and I had to move.

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Cockroaches are also very common in this building, When we reported to the management they treated like we brought those cockroaches from some where or we created the in house. We reported several times but they delayed always they said wait until their action team(pest controller) come to this building.

Now think this way..if you have cancer and if you knew that and wait extra 15 days for proper treatment, what will happen to your health. immediate action could resolve the problem at the tim

e we reported but not. and It might not let those cockroaches spreaded out all over other apartments in this building if they took action immediately. Their superabundants (always changes!) are not really behaving well to this building tenants. We have several issues from our neibourhood too.

so our request to the community to take care of us when you read those message from we like people.

reduce those bedbugs/cockroaces/some kind of flies(small sizes!) from this building and let us live healthy and sound...


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Found bed bugs. Went to office to report it, they say they will pay for a treatment, but if another treatment is needed tenant has to pay for it, they then proceed to tell you that you WILL require a second treatment. When I asked why I would have to pay for it, they said "well we have never had a bed bug problem before this" I responded with "Well neither have I in any place I have lived in" They said the pest control would come in 5 days. It's pretty ridiculous overall.

is there anymore problems with this building can anyone answer this for me thx

On Nov.1, 2009 noticed couple bed bugs under a mattress. Many more unfortunately were hiding in and around the bed frame/ baseboards. Building super didn't look surprised to hear about my problem. I was lucky to get exterminators in 10 days, taking into account that they come to treat the building only once a month.

November 4th, 52 Mabelle Avenue Etobicoke ON M9A4X9 Apt. 1510. Found beg bugs after several bites.

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