5005 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M9A

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This is a Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) building, Managed by Greenwin Property Managemenr.

I live here.
There has been a bedbug problem here for the past year or 2.

I've had bedbugs, but was able to get rid of them by getting sprayed a couple of times and getting rid of the boxspring of my bed, I also saved my Couch and matterss by going over them with a extremely strong Vacuum cleaner, using a Crevice tool on EVERY single seam, thread and sewn spot on the objects, every square centime

tre of the items was gone over with this tool as well as the floors and walls of my apartment, it took a total of 12 hours for this to be done, I am legally blind, so I had my Mum with me to get this all done..

There is a lot of blind/disabled/elderly people living in this building, as well as a lot of immigents (newcomers to canada) and I feel that the City of Toronto and TCHC have not done a good enough job of educating and most of all HELPING us with this issue, there is nothing put into alternate formats for blind people, there was no physical help offered, a lot of disabled people in here dont have anyone to help them.
I for one had to as my 65 year old mother to come from Hamilton with her vacuum to help me..

Also note, that most people in this building are on social assistance, therefore not able to afford to be throwing everything out and replacing stuff..

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