50 Cordova Ave
Toronto, ON M9A

Found 4 reports:

Bed bugs found in unit again...a year later. Found out most the penthouse suites are used as rooming housing and the fumigation company said they are loaded with mattresses and bugs!
Landlord deals with it by sending in fumigation company...lots of prep and work to get rid of them. Last year it took 5 applications!!! They should save money and use heat treatment which is highly effective first app and doesn't require much prep or work.

50 Cordova Avenue, 14th floor, bedbugs spotted. Saw a dead one on bed then woke up that night, three times, checking for bedbugs- found a live one each time.

To The person who reported seeing bed bugs on 07/08/2010 report it to the building landlords!

They have to deal with this by law.

Or visit this site : http://www.toronto.ca/health/bedbugs/index.htm

They will also help and will get on the land lords to do something.

Bedbugs have been spotted in unit.

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