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We noticed the bed bug problem about 2 or 3 years ago (we didn't even know what they looked like before then). At that time, we managed somehow to get rid of them for a while (we strongly suspected that they came through one of the adjoining bedroom walls which we share with our neighbours on the opposite side of us since they manifested in that specific bedroom). Since then, they've come and gone. We had them again this past summer (2015) and kept diligent watch and controlled them as best we c

ould but they've resurfaced most recently tonight. I do notice that not a single week goes by without several mattresses being dumped in the dumpster. It's safe to surmise that this building is infested.

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Emmanuel Hamilton aka Manny Hamilton of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is a rapist. My rapist. It all happened when we met at the office. I worked as an intern at Cable 14 in Hamilton. Manny worked as a "video guy" which is just a silly way of saying he was everybody's bitch. He was the coffee boy.

Anyway, Manny started doing this show.. I think it was called MMA Cave. I would help out with the video production of this show. Manny and I started chatting. He wasn't much to look at.. but he seemed

nice. I was new to the city and eager to make friends.

We started hanging out. I would hang with him after shooting, nothing serious... just friends. I got the feeling he didn't have a very happy home life. His girlfriend was said to be controlling, manipulative and cruel, often telling him who he could/couldn't talk to and controlling his finances. Of course I found out later his girlfriend is infamous for being a psychopath, if you google Laura Smith Hamilton you'll see what I mean.

Manny stayed late at work one night. He said he had a lot of editing to catch up on. I had to work late as well. He asked me if I'd like to go for a drink, and I said sure. We went in his car, I attached a photo of this car to the entry because this is where the rape took place.

We were driving to Starbucks, only a 5 minute drive. It's literally just right around the corner from Cable 14. We got our coffee, and continued driving down King St W. Past the Pioneer. Into the ghetto, respectively. I assumed he was looking for a spot to pull over and hang out. I was right.

We pulled into an empty lot off King St W off Tisdale St S. Parked way back where we were hidden by trees. I thought it was weird, but Hamilton is very populated so maybe he just wanted privacy? I was right.

We sat and talked for a few minutes. He kissed me, and I did kiss back. I won't lie. I was okay with that. But before I knew it he forced himself on me. He's thin, but tall.. and I'm 5'3" and weigh about 110 lbs soaking wet. I couldn't get him off me.

I begged him not to do it. I asked him to stop. I told him no. I told him it hurt. But he didn't stop. Afterward, he drove me back to Cable 14, dropped me off and left. After that he didn't come in very often and I came to find out he was working somewhere else.

After talking to some people, I was told he has a sketchy past for drug use, spousal abuse, and was reported to have been arrested for child offending in the past. I was told that he tried to abduct children in St. Christopher's Park in 2012, and that he's a reputed sex offender.

I was tested, and found out I had STDs including chlamydia and herpes. Herpes cannot be cured. I now have this memory of him for my entire life. I will spread my story until he is stopped. I see now that Manny has children, Sawyer and Isla.. And I fear for their well beings. Not only is Emmanuel Hamilton a monster and a rapist, but his girlfriend Laura Smith is a maniac.

Please spread the word.



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Elle Kingsley
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Lochlainn Seaain O'Ruairc
The Granola Mom Diary
Loralee Smith
Emmanuel Hamilton / Manny Hamilton
Harmonial / Harmony
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Pixie Maguire
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My cousin who lived here for 5+ years had no problems with bed bugs or cockroaches. However, when our family moved in two months ago - two weeks in, we found our bodies covered with bed bug bites. At first, we thought they were mosquito bites since we thought bed bugs were a myth.

"Don't let the bed bugs bite" became literal - and to top that off, a week after, the kitchen was infested with cockroaches. For a family whose worst case scenario in our lifetimes were a few ants and fruitflies, ou

r home had suddenly become an inhabitable place.

We already had treatment for both bed bugs and cockroaches, but we're still getting bitten and it seems like the cockroaches aren't lessening.

We're looking to move out as soon as possible.

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Moved in a few months ago and everything seemed fine, I have a friend who has lived here for years and never seen a single bedbug or roach. Within a month I found a small roach in the utensil drawer, and now our kitchen is basically infested. We had someone come up and put some gel around the cupboards but its just been getting worse. I'm worried because my roommates spray Raid a lot on cockroaches they see, and I have a cat; I don't want him getting sick. I think it's someone on our floor or ab

ove/below us. I've spoken to people 10 floors up and they've never seen or heard of a roach on their floor.

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Ever since management changed, the bugs have gotten disgusting. In 1 year, we were treated for bed bugs 3 times, and cockroaches at least once a month. Nether problem seems to be getting better.

I've lived at 25 Mabelle Ave for 6 years and have never had any bed bugs. We saw a cockroach when we first moved in 6 years ago but the unit was treated and we are contious of not leaving food laying around so have never seen one since.

How is the bug situation at this building now (June 2015)??? There hasn't been any updates recently and I am looking to rent. Please advise truthfully. Thank you for your kind consideration in this regard.

This building has some of my friends complain about bed bugs. I have cockroaches in my apartment all the time. We tried to clean and the management send outside contractor but they come back within a week.Very disgusting after the new management change.

Cant say I have them but I do seem some familis washing everything in black plastic bags. Seem like buggers stil there.

I was just wondering if people are still having problems here. There hasn't been an update for a year, are people considering us warned or has the problem been dealt with better?

To Anonymous who posted on 10/13/11, you are a fool. Clean people get bedbugs too. I do not live in your building. I live in another building that is absolutely disgusting, and I plan to move out soon. My apartment is spotless, I clean daily, and found bedbugs in my bed a few years ago. I called the city who sent out an inspector. Even he remarked on the cleanliness of my apartment. Thankfully, he gave me tips on how to get rid of the vermin, and I have not seen one since. However, the building

is just getting worse, and I cannot take it anymore. I live in Crescent Town. Do NOT move here!!!

If an apartment building is infested, it is only time before the little beast will pay you a visit!

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The management is disgusting and the building is in a very awful condition. There is a lot of noise because of the renovations but never had problems with bedbugs so far. I think dirty people get bedbugs, but if you clean your apartment you can remain bedbugs free.

Why do you think the rent is that price compared to downtown Toronto ?

Not just bedbugs, the whole place is disgusting, I have seen piss, panties and spit in the elevator.

I also know for a fact other buildings have similar problems cuz a lady at Canadian Tire told me she lived in the building next door and had Bedbugs as well.

I lived on the 24th floor. Maybe the people who dont have begd bugs have not noticed them yet...but it took us 6 months to even notice we had bed bugs and we asked around, and we know lots of people in this building since we have lived here for 8 years and everyone has problems with bed bugs. After that the management whined about fixing the problem, and when they did they were absolutely bitchy and damaged a lot of our furniture. We had to throw away several things and overall it took 9 months

for the whole thing to end

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This place is awful. I live on the 12th and bedbugs are all over. Management doesnt care, they blame the tenants and since this is an imigrant area, many tenants dont even report their bedbug problem.
Moving out soon but feel bad for whoever is taking the aprt next.

I don't think I've had any bed bugs, and I've been here about a year now. The first thing I did when I moved in, however, was that I put caulking all around the baseboards of the bedrooms with my roommate. I do try to keep the bed a little away from the wall as well, just in case, and my roommate has a loft style bed with his computer under it.

I have lived on the 16th floor at 25 Mabelle Ave since February 2009 and I haven't had any problems with bugs in this building. I even had friends move into this building (25th floor) and they didn't have any problems either. I also have another friend on the 5th floor that doesn't have any bug issues.
You don't see mattresses and furniture stacked outside at the beginning or end of the month, and the ones you do see are old and beat up and should be thrown out anyway. I've actually gone up to

the furniture to look for signs of bugs after finding this building was on this website and I haven't seen any signs of the bugs on this disgarded furniture.
When I've had any other problems at the building the building supers have been a pleasure to deal with and make it a point to have the problem fixed as quickly as possible. The building is old but it is kept clean and the staff is helpful, I would recommend this building to anyone.

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In July 2009, I started getting mysterious bumps all over my body. Not until late November did I realize they were bedbugs. Raised my mattress to find a swarm. Told management. Exterminators came twice. Went back to management for a third treatment in late December as I was still seeing them in living room and bathroom, as well as in my bedroom, and she told me to wait. A couple of weeks later, went back again and again she told me to just wait, they would go away. Not until late March co

uld I convince her to let exterminators come again. After still seeing bedbugs two weeks later, went back again and I had to threaten to call the City before she would agree to another treatment. I'm moving because of this infestation and every time I went to her she would tell me that only one other person in the building EVER had bedbugs. Funny, because every time it was a different "one other person". She tried to lay all blame on me, suggesting that I'm dirty even though bedbugs don't care how clean or dirty your home is. I'm covered in scars from bedbugs and no one I know has them - I even leave my vacuum on the balcony after vacuuming for fear of a stray one crawling out.
Clearly the building is crawling with them and it's unfortunate that you have to FIGHT with management to get them to even consider dealing with the problem. Don't believe them. It's not your fault. MAKE HER LISTEN! Call Public Health if you have to. It is their responsibility to bring in exterminators no matter how many times it takes. Bedbugs have to be treated for many times to make a difference!

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We've been dealing with bed bugs for over a year now. We had the exterminators come once but that was only a temporary fix. Threw out mattresses and we're getting rid of our furniture before we move out and start from scratch again. I can't wait till I get out of this place. It's been a nightmare! It seems like many others in this building are dealing with the same issue. Proceed with caution if you plan on moving into this building.

This building is crawling with Bedbugs. I had a very severe infestation, they were coming out even during the daytime.

Pest control could come a hundred times and bedbugs would still return. Threw away the mattres and all furniture. Worst building in Toronto. Stay Away.

Bed Bugs are very, very small when they are first born. You almost require a magnifying glass when trying to see very young bedbugs.
Keeping a clean environment will not eliminate Bed Bugs.
Beg Bugs will also living in eletrical outlets, door jams, baseboards, gaps in wallpaper, pretty much any place where a small crevice or gaps is present.
You could try killing them with a high temperature steamer and a powerful vacuum, but you have to be thorough.
Good luck!

I live in a 3 bedroom unit at 25 Mabelle. About 4 months ago a roommate in a separate room had indicated he had a large bedbug infestation. He threw out his mattress and we cleaned the apartment--not noticing any other bedbug infestations.

2 months ago we noticed that some bedbugs had returned. Again, we simply removed all bedbugs by hand.

However, the bed bugs continue to return despite maintaining a clean environment with a very minimal amount of furnature--because we have thrown them a

ll out and not been able to afford new furnature.

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