24 Mabelle Ave
Toronto, ON M9A

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Does anyone know if there is still a bedbug issue in the bilding?

they are everywhere in this building DO NOT RENT HERE!!!!!!!!

We just moved in here two months ago 2010/2/9. We found bites on our bodies and I found a dead bug while I was cleaning. Management was very responsive and called a PCO who came within 2 weeks. He saw the dead bug that I saved to show him and confirmed that it was a bed bug. He didnt find any other so I guess its a light infestation. However, I am mad that there are bugs either crawling around this floor in other neighbors apartments which came to ours or they were left here from the previous pe

ople who lived here. I dont see management taking more action by spraying our neighbors. I think they are taking a passive approach which will not solve the problem.

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