1276 Islington Ave
Toronto, ON M9A

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I moved in in March of 2014. They never made any mention of the cockroach situation. Once the apartment was empty the day before I moved in I noticed roaches. I shouldn't have moved but everything was packed at my previous house.
I went to management right away and they looked surprised. But it was an act, they knew full well the level of roaches.
I have lived there almost a year now and h problem seems to be getting worse. Bigger and faster roaches are always appearing. I keep my apt clean,

washed and disinfected with bleach every night. I have spent over $100 on caulking and sealed every crack, in every drawer, cupboard and baseboard. It does nothing. Every morning at 5 I wake up and at least 5 try to run when I turn on the bathroom light, I kill them, an at least 5 more are in the kitchen. If I leave any light off try come out. So my apt is always lit when I can now.

Please don't ever move here, I'm out in a month or two and I'm so relieved. Your life will be ruined.

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Definitely cockroaches in this apartment - I kill about 5 or 10 per day. Have seen them crawling around in bathroom too. Management have come and sprayed a few times (each time we have to take EVERYTHING out of the kitchen cupboards and EVERYTHING out of the bathroom.) They still come back. I have complained to the super but haven't had any satisfaction. I wish so much that I could move from here - first chance I get I am gone!!

This building is absolutely infested with cockroaches. I cannot cook, I feel sick even thinking about eating something from the kitchen.

I haven't experienced bedbugs here - the bedroom is miraculously clean - but with this level of infestation I have no trouble believing that that's an issue here as well.

The building seems to have biweekly treatments (extermination company) but I have seen absolutely no improvement with any of the treatments. I think that the issue is most likely non-c

ompliance from other tenants. These raids involve moving absolutely everything out of the kitchen and bathroom and it's so bad now that we don't even put things back because there will just be another ineffective extermination in a week or so.

I'm beyond my limit here. I'm scared all the time and uncomfortable and disgusted.

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ive moved since then life is normal omg never lived like that in my life life is now back to normal have to rewarn you as the public please be careful u sell a condo be careful where you move i am happy where i life not one bug dint bring them here took major caution lived in boxes there for 24 days and they had the gull to say i can move back in 1 years lol omg this was hell for 24 days never had to move in that short of time please take my warning serioius omg never had to come back and re i

nput the hell we went through
love you all be careful public hugs

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i reported on 09/09/12 im moved life is back to normal able to cook in the first time in 3 weeks
uhauled it out of here to a new renovated apartments no bugs business back up and running took week off work to get this done the dog is happy life is back to normal i still looking for spots in my eyes moving this is tramautic take it from me dont move there i said i will commit suicide they broke the lease then said my lawyer is writning up paperwork after sold the condo i have lots of money to

go to court they wrote me a chatel you can sue me or they cant sue me they are f****** bast**** there please be aware of this i have in writing make sure you cover your tracks to break the lease good luck if you got suckered in there best of luck i praid to got and he answered believe in god cause there is

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Mangement in this building brought in a fridge and stove and put it in my unit 2 days before i moved in...used of course and filled with cock roaches..i have sprayed and sealed all cracks in kitchen but the cock roaches still come.15 days here and over 400 cock roaches...i am moving and i dont care about their damn contract for a year. I asked if there was cock roaches or bed bugs and they said no...in 15 days i see many people moving out and my turn is in 10 days...Please dont move in there all

they do is lie and the cleaners there don't clean just look after the outside...only thing nice about this address is the front of the building.

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oh my god the first weekend 250 cock roaches and after 10 days 400 this place if infected beyond human living no not ever move here just trust me do not ever live here i had to break the lease i said i will commit suicide if you dont break the lease so will be out of this hell hole in 2 weeks or sooner PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE OR YOU WILL HAVE POST TRAMATIC SYNDROME YOUR LIFE WILL BE RUINED PLEASE READ ME RIGHT OK ALL WHO FIND THIS ON THE INTERNET TAKE IT AS A MAJOR 5 STAR WARNING


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Okay, so here's the deal.

I moved into this building in January. Since the end of May I've seen at least one cockroach a week, but only two in my unit in that time frame. In the last week alone I have found two cockroach nymphs by the door of the garbage shoot on the 7th floor in the morning, one dead cockroach, and yesterday alone on my way out in the morning I found my very first bed bug - in the hallway while waiting for the elevator.

I'm very paranoid about the amount of insects in t

his building so I'm constantly looking around for bugs. I was waiting for the elevator and noticed something tiny crawling across the floor of the 7th floor, and took a closer look and immediately could tell it was a bed bug crawling towards the elevator. I informed the landlord that I had found a bed bug in the hall way, and therefore that somebody on the 7th floor must have them. His response was simply, "I dunno, I dunno" even after I told him he had to find out who it was. NOT a good start to my day. (I am constantly checking my unit out of paranoia, and I definitely do not have bed bugs myself.)

To top it off, I came home late last night (it was a Friday) and the elevators opened up on the 7th floor only for me to be greeted by an adult, very fast cockroach sitting in the door frame of the elevator. (It ran off before my boyfriend could kill it.)

This is ridiculous. No one should have to encounter this many bugs in the common areas of their apartment building. And what are the landlords doing about it? Nothing. He cleans floors on the 1st floor every morning, but that's about it.

I wish I could meet someone else in this building that's as frustrated as I am about this problem!

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Do not live here. I've tried. The roaches/bed bugs never really go away. Just periods of not seeing them for awhile. It's basically impossible to seal off your apartment. I have to plug my sinks every time I'm not using them. It's absurd the amount you pay here for these living conditions. I am blown away health officials have not stepped in.

There is a box spring outside the building by the dumpster this morning with bed bugs feces and some bugs on it. There is no damage otherwise to the box spring, or writing notifying people of bed bugs.

If one person in the building has them, what's the chances of everyone else getting them?

This msg is for the last comment that was made. What should you do? Of course you should report this incident the moment you notice the bugs. If not you are apart of the reason our building remains to have a problem. Even if you only see one you need to report it asap!

saw 2 roaches in the last 15 hours. moved in 3 weeks ago. i believe it's because i left the sink unplugged with dirty dishes in it for 2 hours (without water sitting in the sink/dishes) while i went out. came back home to do the dishes and noticed the first adult one on the wall behind the sink. it ran and i didnt get a chance to do anything about it besides pour boric acid all over it before it hid behind my stove. finished the dishes, and plugged the sink. went to bed stressed out. woke up and

found a baby roach on the wall by the kitchen doorway. the only way the roaches could have gotten in would have been from the kitchen drain when i left in unplugged. should i inform management? how do i go about this? please respond! i dont know what i should do.

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To the two people that posted on January 5th,
Thank you for your input. I recently moved in here and my biggest concern was the rumors of bed bugs. I'm terribly afraid of if there will be roaches in my apartment, I don't like bugs!

January 5th, 2012.
There are not bed bugs here that i have noticed. But there are roaches.
And as for the person who says that you have to have a pristine house to get roaches. Wrong.

The issue is this:
My boyfriend and I are immaculate to try to keep the roaches away - dishes are done immediately, no open food is left out, beer bottles are rinsed and put on the balcony - we have even gone as far as to duct tape the base boards around the floors and cupboards with white duct tape to try to

eliminate entry.
The problem is, while you can control your own apartment, you can't control the apartment of neighbours around you - the landlord here has tried spraying and putting the gel in the cupboards, but if they spray in one apartment and it gets rid of them - they just move onto the next.

We didn't see roaches at all UNTIL the landlord started spraying and then they showed up and havent left since. I saw 2 in my apartment and 1 in the hallway just last night, January 4th. They are a mixture of baby and full grown roaches.

Theyre not detrimental to living here - the apartment isnt over run, and we've only ever seen them near the kitchen of course - but it is still a nuisance and pretty gross.

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I 100% don't agree with this. I've been living here for almost 2 years and although I have had Minor problems with roaches, I have never once had a bed bug problem. Anyone who says their house was pristine and still got roaches is lying, they're attracted to food/crumbs. The only time I have an issue with roaches is when I accidentally leave food out at night.

Is there still bed bugs here? Signed the lease a few weeks back, moving in very soon. I wish I did my research before hand...

As of December 19th, 2011 there is still an enormous roach problem. I keep my apartment immaculate, cleaning with bleach. No matter how tidy or clean you are, they still come into your apartment. I came here because of its proximity to the subway. Would never have moved in if I knew. If you complain, management comes in with non-toxic goo, it does nothing. Now I've got brown goo in my cupboards and hinges and roaches. Thanks.

lived in this building between Aug 2010 and Aug 2011. They didn't come at first but after the first couple of months roaches started to show up. We kept our appt immaculate but they were in the walls and there was nothing we could do. They owned the place. Put out my roach killers/traps,tons would die and there were always more.
I only mention roaches as that's all I believe I had to deal with, didn't have bed bugs luckily.
at the time I was moving out they were finally doing something about t

he bug issues but I'm not sure how effective it was, I wasn't there to see any changes. Would not recommend living here to anyone.

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June 2011 - September 2011

Horrible place to live, entire building is full of bedbugs and roaches.

Do not live here.

Management does nothing.

June 2011 - October 2011

well... this is very interesting.

Let me say this...

I was a tenant of 1276 Islington Ave. And I can for a fact attest that from the very 1st day I moved into this Bed bug infested building and not knowing that it was. I reacted very severely to them and even ended up with taking antibiotics because my reaction was severe.

I moved in on April 2009 and it was the worst decision of my life. I began probing and investigating this problem since management would deny the very fact sayin

g that they don't have a problem. I then later found out that there is significant problems with bed bugs in that building alone.

I had called the city to report the issue because of it. I worked with the health inspector who came to check into the matter and it took him only a matter of 2 minutes to find them in my apartment. The inspector then began trying to contact various tenant for inspection and there was discoveries made however since not all tenants are available to be reach during business hours for the inspector, I began my own door to door campaign on several floors of this building and then discovered on a couple of floors in which tenants having the problem was around as much as 60 percent of them on 1 floor alone.

Some of the floors I confirmed bedbugs were on the following floors had issues with them:


I did not check all tenants however there is in fact a big problem with them in this building.
What was most surprising was to watch one night with seeing bed bugs (a couple of them) crawling in from the main door entrance.

I even kept a sealed can of the ones I caught and personally showed them to the superintendant.
All I can say is that, I don't recommend nor encourage anyone to live there if you hate these little critters because from my own experience, I found management very passive in taking this matter seriously. Unless one barks significantly - only then do they action it more significantly.

Because of this nightmare, I have just moved out. I had to plan 3 months ahead of time just to do as much as possible to minimize the chances of taking this with me. Each box was packed air tight and completely sealed with tape so I pray to god that I will not be taking them with me. I've had to also proactively take additional precautions with regular spraying of specific chemicals that kill them and will still need to be vigilant with this even after moving and perform rigorous inspections and continuous vacumming of new place just to ensure I've done my best to eradicate these pesky nasty creatures from my life and home.

I hope my writing this will help others to become aware of this problem is clearly a problem for this building.


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I started to get bedbug bites about a month or two ago. I did not know they were bites - they weren't itchy! I found the bugs living on my bed frame. My unit does not have a severe problem, but some neighbours who moved out and left without furniture were completely infested. Furniture coated in blood, bb feces, and bedbugs (live and dead) are sitting in the trash area (not in a dumpster, not wrapped in plastic). The pile of furniture keeps growing too... so I'm sure there is a big problem with

the entire building. And to be honest, Im not convinced enough is being done to fix this. Building management has been difficult to deal with in regards to solving this, and I imagine most tenants aren't going to put up the fight thats needed to get this issue fixed.

I'm hoping with spraying, and steaming, I might be able to move out without having to dispose of my furniture. But I sure as heck won't take the bugs with me even if it means losing some belongings (that I can't afford to replace).

If you live in this building, and you have this problem, call Public Health at 416-338-7600. They can give you information about what you can do to help solve the problem, and infomation about what your landlord is required to do to solve the problem (which I must mention, it is recommended they spray for bugs a MINIMUM of 2 times, do not let management tell you otherwise!).

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