10 Fontenay Ct
Toronto, ON M9A

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the Orkin guy's been here to inspect the building every single month since we received that notice. I LOVE how diligent the property managers are!

There's now a notice in the laundry room that says our building is bedbug free.

I will admit, this is a VERY well maintained building. The superintendent couple Windex ALL the lobby windows, sweep/vacuum/mop ALL common areas, clean the elevator, and mop the stairs DAILY.

I was really worried when I received the initial bedbug

notice, but I've realized now that I am INCREDIBLY lucky and happy to live here. If more properties were maintained as well as this one, the bedbug problem would've been eradicated YEARS ago.

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received this notice today:

"We have a small bed bug problem in an area of the building. It has not spread because we caught it early. This issue is being taken care of by pest control Orkin. We are doing everything possible to get rid of this problem, but we need your co-operation, please notify us if you see this bug or any other pests, bed bugs are found along the seams and edging of mattressess where you sleep and you will have small bits either on legs or arms. The area with the bed

bug problem, has been treated, and common areas of the building have been inspected. below is an illustration of a bed bug. please call us with any questions.

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