349 Royal York Rd
Toronto, ON M8Y

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This place is infested with bugs!

It's a Toronto Community Housing building for seniors (and some program for re-integration of mentally ill criminals into society... in a senior's building? Makes sense, right?)

Anyway, within weeks of my elderly parents moving in there were reports of bedbugs, and notices on the bulletin boards and walls. Sure enougn, since the units are all connected by the radiators, they infestation moved into their unit. Despite preparations taken to seal the baseboar

ds, and the fact that they are clean tenants who obsessively followed all the guidelines (bagging laundry, using Murphy's Oil Soap to clean). They didn't even do laundry in the building because the laundry room was infested.

I moved them out shortly after - we had to throw out all their furniture. my mom didn't even want to keep her clothes. Hundreds of dollars down the drain to get them out of there and into a bug free building. You could see them crawling on the elevator walls. They were all over the place, and were spread through the common areas by tenants - some of whom slept in the lobby because their apartments were intolerable. It didn't help that neighbours brought infested garbage straight back into the building from one unit to another.

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