340 Royal York Rd
Toronto, ON M8Y

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There are bedbugs and cockroach infestation. The whole building needs to spray and the problem is a major health issue, coughing, itching, and the darn bugs are on your clothing and crawl out in public. Unwittingly, residents are transporting these pests across the city. HELP!!!

Edwards Manor - Toronto Community Housing Corporation

There are bedbugs rampant in this building. Tonnes of units are affected! Pest Control is spraying, but it's spreading so fast there's no control. One tenant was so affected (and had a packed apartment with so much garbage/junk he'd brought home) that he couldn't even stay there, and slept in the common areas - spreading them through the lobby and elevators!

A lot of TCHC buildings have this same problem, but this is a building with a l

ot of senior citizens who cannot deal with the problem themselves. It's going untreated in many units because of non-compliance. Even after treatement they're back within hours. TCHC is trying to renovate some apartments (the radiators are a direct conduit between units!) to remove the access and limit the cracks/crevices etc. but it's going slowly, and in the meantime many people are being bitten like nuts.

My parents lost nearly everything they owned - even after siliconing baseboards, spreading diatemaceous earth and using a gallon of Murphy's Oil Soap per week. They lived out of plastic bags and bins and had to throw out all their furniture when we moved them out!

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