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Toronto, ON M8Y

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My apartment has been sprayed 3 times since Oct. 2009 and ending on Dec. 2009. I have yet to see another BB. But I have been diligent. Washing sheets and vacuuming constantly. I think I've been scarred for life......

If you're going to throw stuff out (not really necessary if you're diligent) please write on the furniture because we don't want others from our building or other buildings using the infested stuff.

Also, use Use Magical Pest Control. They are very good. Much better than Ork


We should also work together with the superintendant to get rid of them in our building. I can get out of my lease whenever, but I don't think it's necessary. We all just have to work together. What floor are you on?

Let me know what I can do because it was a really terrible experience that I would like to avoid.

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