8 Lomond Dr
Toronto, ON M8X

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not the best place for elders or families with children, elevators never work and you better pray you dont get stuck in one if they do. its a clean building, and the super is good if you can get a hold of him. ALOT of drug users so you cant use your balcony in the summer or the a/c. expect no fresh air ever.

they seem to have to roaches under control but good luck getting an elevator, you are lucky if one of the three are working. there are also a lot of tenants that smoke weed and smell gets into my apartment via a/c

This is just a warning for anyone moving into this building. I was assured by the landlord that this building was pest free. The landlord left the apartment open for me to view it prior to filling out any official paperwork. Upon initial inspection, there was blatant brown roach gel on the bathroom hinges, and when I got to the kitchen, I saw that it was littered with roach corpses. They were in the cupboards, on the floor, and on top of the stove. The management of this building is dishonest an

d should be ashamed of themselves. I have lived in a building infested with roaches and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

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