7 Birchlea Ave
Toronto, ON M8W

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July 2013 - this building still has a problem. Don't go by what you are told. on surface things look improved but if you look more closely they aren't. Guessing new floor boards simply put overtop old ones. Read up before you go look at these apts on what to look for. Bldg 5 & 7 are the same bldg. 9 & 11 are same building. look for reports on both addresses. Even kitchen cupboards have some type of bug. Some in bedrooms were pretty small but lots around baseboards and in corners. Smells like it

has been treated fairly recently.

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I moved out of these buildings in 2006 because of bed bugs the landlord is scum of the earth he never did fix anything lol what a rat hole if your living here move fast the cheap rent isn't worth the aggrevation. If your looking to move don't choose here at all stay far away from the whole block of birchlea mainly run by the same slum asshole lol good luck! most tenants are crack heads bums and alcoholics who can't sum up if they are getting bit or it's delusions lol god save that street it nee

ds something. I finally moved after calling inspectors, public health, and the tribunal. I won 3 months rent free and opted to move immediately without any financial compensation left everything behind. even the inspectors and public health told me it was best to move as there's many fines and orders against the landlord and management company. hands are tied. pathetic how people can be subject to this substandard way of living. someone should alert CP24 maybe help those who really want it

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This building has multiple infestations on the third floor especially. Apartment 6,8,10 have have had multiple sightings and bed bug treatments. The treatments aren't even working because this building is so infested ! I have multiple bites now and just moved on Sept.1/11 and it's now just before Oct.1/11.

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